About us

Plant History The history of the plant goes back to 1967 when Chui Crushing and Screening Plant (CCSP) was brought into operation in the city of Tokmak, the Kyrgyz SSR. Starting with the production of crushed rock and rock fines, the plant gradually expanded with shops for processing of natural stone and production of decorative tiles commissioned since 1973 to 1986.

In 1998, the plant got its current name – Kyrgyz Too-Tash, which can be translated into English as the "Kyrgyz Mountain Stone". For over 50 years of operation, the plant was repeatedly upgraded and now it can successfully compete with the producers of natural stone products in other parts of the world.


Kyrgyz Too-Tash JSC

Kyrgyz-Too-Tash JSC occupies the area of 16.4 hectares, providing work for more than 300 employees. The plant has an access railway track, car fleet and vehicles for transportation of goods. The plant has state-of-the-art equipment operated by seasoned professionals many of whom have being working with the company for more than 15 years. Productive capacity of the plant is up to 30,000 square meters of tiles per month. Kyrgyz Too-Tash JSC is focused not only on the domestic market. We export our products to Kazakhstan, Russia, as well as other CIS countries and we are always ready to cooperate with new clients. All products are certified.

Our primary activity is production and processing of natural stone (shell limestone, granite, marble), used in construction and finishing works. The company has the following production areas: stone mining, stone processing, non-metallic production, monuments manufacturing, and auxiliary shops.

Manufacturing Process

The plant is equipped with Terzago, BRA Italian equipment.

Production capacities include:

  • orthogonal and console sawing machines;
  • polishing lines;
  • calibration lines;
  • crushing plant;
  • loading and unloading mechanisms (overhead and gantry cranes);
  • manual processing shop is fully equipped with necessary accessories;
  • warehouses for finished products ensure protection against any external actions.